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WFNR – world federation of neurorehabiltation

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Viden fra det amerikanske fysioterapi forening – hjerte-lungesektionen:


The PACER Project:  Post-Acute COVID-19 Exercise & Rehabilitation Project


The Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section (CVP) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has sponsored a FREE international educational response to the pandemic: The PACER Project.


A core group of American cardiopulmonary specialists were asked by the CVP Section to make videos in their area of expertise to help PTs anticipate the needs of COVID survivors of moderate to severe disease. I am proud to be one of the invited experts.  Speed was of the essence!  The experts quickly developed lectures and began to post them on the CVP YouTube page (below) within days of the start of the PACER Project.  Sixteen lectures are planned in total; 7 original lectures are already up and running.


I posted my lecture just 1-1/2 days ago and it already has more than 800 views.  So many more PTs need to see these lectures.  Great quality!  Great lecturers.  Please forward this message. I’m so impressed by my peers and so grateful that so many experts freely participated.  Share the links with PT communities around the globe so everyone can take advantage of these FREE educational videos.  My thanks to my CVP section and the APTA for organizing this international COVID response.


The videos are FREE for all!

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Posted Topics/Courses and authors: 

  1. Posture & Breathing: Linking them together post-COVID19  –  Mary Massery
  2. Geriatric Considerations  –   Suzanne Greenwalt
  3. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Examination  – Morgan Johanson
  4. Pediatric Considerations  –   Ashley Parish
  5. Vital Signs, Exercise Prescription, Oxygen devices –  Ellen Hillegass
  6. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Anatomy & Physiology – Steve Tepper
  7. Chest PT & Other Airway Clearance Techniques – Annie Downs


Future Topics/Courses and authors

  1. Covid-19 Specific Physical Therapist Considerations – Heidi Engel
  2. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Medications –  Michael Tevald & John Lowman
  3. Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)  –  Patricia Ohtake & Jim Smith
  4. Inspiratory Muscle Training  –   Larry Cahalin
  5. Blood-Flow Restriction Training  –  Johnny Owens & Larry Cahalin
  6. Outpatient Pulmonary Therapy  –  Pam Bartlo & Naomi Bauer
  7. Cardiopulmonary Outcome Measures –  Kristin Lefebvre
  8. Home Health Considerations  –   Melissa Bednarek & Ken Miller
  9. Music Therapy   –    Donna Frownfelter


APTA Cardiopulmonary Section – YouTube

The Section has a 40-year history of promotion and advancement of cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy practice, education and research. Our members…


Viden fra den australske neurofysioterapeutiske forening StrokeEd:

Below are some links to new resources for Tele-Rehab, Physio COVID Mx, and a new PEDro initiative – the World Wide Journal Club.


StrokeEd is in the process of creating new resources for Tele-rehab.


Resources for Tele-rehab

UTS telepractice webinars for rapid transition during COVID-19 –

APA recorded workshop on Cardiorespiratory ICU management

The JOP guidelines on COVID management

The inaugural PEDro World wide journal club – topic is Wolf’s EXCITE trial on constraint-induced movement therapy – so a great rehab topic to start with