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Rehabilitation International World Congress 2020

september 7 - september 9


About RIWC 2020

The Rehabilitation International World Congress 2020 will be a strong inspiration for all participants: to meet with global colleagues from your own profession, society, NGOs, and with up front representatives from rehab specialists

The congress in Aarhus invites all stakeholders to share specialized themes like neurorehabilitation, primary health and rehab, employment initiatives, physical training, and community integration.

You will meet old friends and new peers, and we are sure you will be surprised by some of the latest rehabilitation perspectives which has not yet crossed your mind.

The vision of RIWC 2020 is Moving Societies. The prime goal of rehabilitation is the improvement of individual, human lives.

Every human life is constantly dependent on the specific context. Other people, the environment, the communities and societies are influencing rehabilitation outcomes.

Societies all over the world strive to find their ways of improving human resources. Societies are moving.

Individuals with health-related problems, disabilities or impairments cannot be limited to play the role of receiving rehabilitation services. Every individual is also the active subject of adding value in any given context as a rehabilitation outcome. Every individual is to be counted in. Societies are moved by rehabilitation.

The vision of RIWC 2020 is to be a global platform, motor and stepping stone for rehabilitation to continue moving societies.

Let’s meet in Denmark to strengthen the links between living with the need of rehabilitation support, and making a professional living from rehabilitation in any society and context.



You can look forward to three days with a vibrant mix of thought-provoking key note sessions featuring expert speakers on the following topics:

1. Professionalizing Rehabilitation as a Discipline of Knowledge.

This key note session discusses rehabilitation as a professional, global body of shared knowledge and problem solving in various settings of practice.

2. Rehabilitation as a Life-Long Health Strategy.

This key note session highlights global examples of professional initiatives and living with rehabilitation, – your whole life or for the rest of your life.

3. The Many Goals of Rehabilitation.

This Key note discusses the diversity of rehab goals in different parts of the world.

4. Life Span and Rehabilitation.

This key note session addresses the varieties of meaning in rehabilitation connected to the major periods across the lifespan.5. Significant Rehabilitation Footprints within Policy Making.

This key note session will discuss the many footprints already made, and the future visions of having strong rehab values in policies and political priorities.

6. Innovative Technologies in Rehabilitation.

In this key note session you will get an overview of the current developments and of the creative potential of future technology for rehabilitation stakeholders.

Apart from these six key note sessions, please note the long list of the total program formats

Call for abstracts will open in the summer of 2019.

Read the catalogue on the Rehabilitation World Congress 2020 or Download the catalogue on the Congress


Practical information
Place: Aarhus, Denmark
Date: 8-10 September 2020

Registration for the RI World Congress 2020 will open in August 2019 klick here

This Conference is not held in collaboration with the Danish Society for Neurological Physiotherapy, if you have any questions about the conference, the RIWC must be contacted.



september 7
september 9
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